What does it mean to become a chapter?

Personhood Missouri is expanding its reach throughout the state by joining forces with pastors, ministry leaders, and citizen leaders at the county level to unite in the effort to defend human life, at all stages and in all circumstances, without exception. Officially becoming a county chapter of Personhood Missouri means you adhere to the principles of biblical personhood, as they apply legislatively and out in our communities.  Chapters can focus on different areas and be structured in different ways, but all unite on a universal set of moral principles. For example, chapters can be existing right-to-life groups who want to disaffiliate from compromised state and national groups, or they can focus on education, community service and outreach, or developing coalitions of pastors to bring personhood into the Church. All of our chapters work on some level to support and/or activate the Sanctuaries for Life initiative in Missouri.


Follow these steps to apply to join Personhood Missouri

  1. Check our chapter map to confirm your county doesn’t already have a chapter. If it does, reach out to the contact person to see how you can get involved.
  2. Review the About page on this website to be sure you understand our mission and agree with our statement of faith.
  3. Send us an email at (TBD) to let us know you’d like to apply. We’ll send you documents to sign and schedule an interview with you.
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