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Personhood is the right to have rights. It’s the basic acknowledgment that all human beings are human and have intrinsic value because they are made in the image of God. Our race, sex, economic status, developmental stage, level of dependency, physical and mental capacity, medical prognosis, manner of conception, contribution to society, and wantedness do not change our humanness. They do not make us more or less valuable, equal, or deserving of protection.


sanctuaries for life

Learn more about this three-step, grassroots, Church-led approach to ending abortion and building a culture of life at the local level.

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legal Personhood

Our ultimate goal is to protect all human beings equally under the law, without exception and without compromise, through the legislative and/or ballot process in Missouri.

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We use the power of the petition to drive personhood forward in Missouri.

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We stand on biblical principles to advance no-exceptions, no-compromise strategies in state government and out in our communities. Join us!

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