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Describing the idea of popular sovereignty—that people had the right to abolish slavery in their states—the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass once wrote: “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them…The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” Today, too many moral American communities kowtow to an atheistic, morally corrupt judiciary, while Congress gives away its power and the executive branch oversees a ballooning administrative state.  

And yet, as can be seen from the map, the majority of America does not believe in the secularized, relativistic worldview of the modern Left. What if these local communities rose up and prescribed limits on the tyrants who insist on devaluing and dehumanizing pre-born children?

Personhood Alliance - Sanctuary Cities for Life

What if all these red towns and counties said,
“No more! Not in our back yard!”


Personhood Missouri’s Safe Cities initiative is a movement inspired by self-government and empowered by faith in God—a faith that recognizes there are inalienable rights, granted by God, that no government can take away. It’s time that the good people of America say enough is enough and demand the right to end abortion in their towns, counties, and states.

The strategic, three-step approach of Safe Cities promotes long-lasting growth of the movement and protects communities from the legal challenges that burden and often stymie defiance-first and defiance-only approaches. Even more importantly, this phased approach empowers the Church to reclaim charity and share the Gospel, which has inspired the political and cultural changes that have been necessary in ending the greatest injustices in history.

Resolve to protect

The goal of Step 1 is to establish a foundation for future enforcement. The Safe City resolution is the initial step to outlawing abortion in the community. It makes a broad human rights declaration that recognizes the personhood of pre-born humans and the duty of the local jurisdiction to provide equal protection, from conception to natural death. The resolution lays out the legal and moral foundations for why the city or county is choosing to become a Safe City or County.

Activate the Community

In this step, you work to build a coalition of local churches, businesses, pro-life ministries, and city/county government to engage in specific, tangible actions that build and sustain a culture of life and create a groundswell for state-level political change. At this point, you begin to protect local authorities and create a plan for mitigating any upcoming legal challenges.  The emphasis of Step 2 is education, community-building, and preparing local authorities for Step 3. 


Once the community has matured in its embrace of a culture of life and is prepared for challenges, it passes local ordinances and statutes that prevent abortions from being performed or funded within the jurisdiction. Step 3 requires a strong, educated community that is able to defend its position politically, legally, and morally so it can peacefully defy judicial tyranny and the unjust ruling of Roe v Wade.

a call for justice

declaring the truth

The American experiment in democracy is the most successful political endeavor in human history.  At the heart of its success is the belief that a moral people can govern themselves.  Far from promoting anarchy, the movement to declare Safe Cities and across Missouri is a prerequisite to responsible self-government.  In a society where an immoral and unjust order is being imposed from one branch of government—the judiciary—it is the responsibility of the other branches to impose checks and balances.  Please join us and establish a Safe City or County in your area.

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